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Park and Mamzar Beach

Mamzar Beach Park


Working hours

·    Sunday/Monday/Tuesday & Wednesday, from 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

·   Thursday/Friday/Saturday and official holidays, from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.     


Entry fees

·         AED 5 per person.

·         AED 30 per car.

·         Entry is free of charge for people with special needs.


Park Instructions

·   Please keep the park clean and use the litterbins provided

·   No barbeque is allowed on grass areas please use the designated area

·   Playing football is allowed only at the designated area

·    Pet animals, motorcycles and cycles are not allowed inside the park

·         Misuse of any electricity supply or connection is not allowed

·         Please do not damage trees and plants

·         The facilities are not allowed to be used for any activities other than what is designated for

·         Children are the responsibility of the adults

·         Visitors shall be responsibility for all expenses caused by vandalism or misuse

·         Administration not responsible for theft or any personal accidents

·         Smoking Shisha is strictly prohibited inside the park

·         Marketing or sales is not allowed in the park without permission

·         Please dress appropriately in accordance with local customs


Beach Instructions

·         Please do not swim after sunset

·         Please do not swim when the red flag is raised.

·         Swim with caution when the yellow flag is raised and follow the life guards' instructions.

·         Please do not swim close to the rocks or outside of the safe zone.

·         Children are the responsibility of accompanying adults.

·         Please keep the beach clean & do not leave garbage.

·         No pets allowed on the beach

·         No barbecue or lighting fires or camping or smoking shisha on the beach.

·         Photography is strictly prohibited.

·         Overnight sleeping on the beach is not allowed.

·         The administration will not be responsible for any personal accident or theft negligence.

·         Please dress appropriately in accordance with local customs.

·         Swimming costumes should not be worn outside the beach area.

·         Marketing or sales is not allowed in the park without permission.


·         Beach facilities (Rescue services, swimming pools, seats with sunshades).

·         Service of renting the beach cabins: large cabin for AED 200 and small cabin for AED 150.

·         Swimming pools services: swimming pool for adult: AED 10 and for children: AED 5.

·         Boards sliding platform.

·         Children's games service.

·         Beach sport fields services (Basketball, football & volleyball fields).

·         Beach services.

·         Service or renting bicycles: (Small bicycle: AED 20 and bicycle for adults: AED 30 per hour).

·         Excursion and barbeque services.

·         Restaurants and cafeterias.

·         Train ride service (AED 2 per person).

·         Public facilities services (Toilettes and clothes change cabins).

·         Plants and horticulture spaces.

·         Facilities for people with special needs: (The Park provides a lot of the facilities and services for people with special needs, and that this Park was designed especially for providing service to this category of the community after taking into consideration that all services, installations and utilities are providing them with special facilities. Besides, special parking lots were allocated for people with special needs close to the parks entry gates, and for facilitating their smooth movement on passages. In addition, special toilettes were designed for the people with special needs as well.

Contact Info

  • +971 4 296 6201


Al Mamzar,Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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