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A Paradise in the Desert Lands

Who would have thought that a water park could exist in mostly desert lands — much more a water park with ice and snow as its central theme? Yet, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) has shown that such can rise from Arabian soil with the Ice Land Water Park.

Unlike other emirates in the UAE, RAK is unable to produce oil. In spite of that drawback, it is still able to generate revenues to financially catch up with other emirates. It strategically uses its location for tourism. The northern and eastern parts of RAK are situated near the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman respectively. It is also bordered by a series of mountains, which is currently being improved.

Aside from the natural wonders, RAK has established man-made travel destinations to attract tourists, such as the Ice Land Water Park.

The company Polo Rak Amusements, LLC, which was set up by the emirate of RAK itself, owns and operates Ice Land Water Park. The said water park is just a part of a vast 120-acre larger tourist destination known as the WOW RAK destination (also under Polo Rak). There, one can find a theme park, a shopping mall, and various seaside resort facilities.

Among WOW RAK’s features, the first one to be established and launched was this unique water park. It is also the most visited for its extensive ice theme.

Guests can swim, slide, play, eat, and basically have fun in this place. Several attractions await them. These are:

  • Arctic Wave
  • Coral Isle
  • Eddy Pond
  • Great Tornado
  • Kids Cove
  • Mt. Attack
  • Mt. Boomerango
  • Mt. Cyclone
  • Mt. Fury
  • Mt. Iceberg
  • Mt. Tempest
  • Pengu Pool
  • Penguin Bay
  • Penguin Falls
  • Polar Games
  • Snow River

The aforementioned attractions are not just for entertainment. They also offer a learning experience about the biodiversity in the sea and the factors affecting them.

The management of the water park has guidelines for tourists. The entrance fee is based on height. For those below 0.80 meters, there is no need to pay the entrance fee as long as he or she is accompanied by an adult. Meanwhile, those above 0.80 meters but not below 1.20 meters must pay 100 AED. The entrance fee for those above 1.20 meters is 175 AED.

There is also a policy about swimwear. Guests should wear swimwear made of either Lycra or nylon at all times while they are inside the water park.

Food bought or prepared out of the water park is not allowed inside. You should not bring jewelries and alcohol as well. There are also restrictions on the various attractions in the park. Those who have spondylitis, epilepsy, asthma, hypertension, and heart problems are discouraged to try the attractions. Even pregnant women and patients who have just went through an operation are not allowed.

Booking must be done to ensure a smooth vacation. Make sure you have a hotel to stay in after you arrive. The top favorites among tourists include Rixos Bab El Bahr, The Cove Rotana Hotel, Hilton Hotels, and Bin Majed resort.

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  • www.icelandwaterpark.com


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