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Jabel Jees

Mountain Jees



Mountain Jees is located near the far north east of the city of Ras Al Khaimah and away from the city center about 25 kilometers

It is part of a series of high-tops of the mountains, which are located mostly tracking Musandam Oman and linked to other chains in the state is lower than The upper part of the mountain itself is located within the territory of the Sultanate of Oman, near the border between the two countries and find renamed in Jebel Belaas maps and a height of up 1934, and some maps put a height of 1921 m and 1930 m.

The top portion is located within the boundaries of high state up to 1910 m - 1900 m almost.

Mountain is the highest mountain in the state and the second highest peak after Mount harem (2087) near him in the tops of the mountains and the northern part also to the Hajar Mountains.

In winter especially be landscapes seen from the top of a wonderful and unique from both the mountains and valleys and lands below and vast areas and remote or hugging low clouds and paintings natural divine utmost beauty and during winter conditions, net and clean very particular post-rain, we can see very long distances from above outweigh The 100 kilometer such as Dubai and Emirates before and the parts of the territory of Iran and the islands of the sea is represented by the Sea of ​​Oman to the east and the Strait of Hormuz in the north and west of the Arabian Gulf.

The most important valleys that descend from it mainly Valley Ghalila then Valley Shehha and some other tributaries to these valleys.

Climate is the highest mountain is unique compared to the rest of the territory of the State due to the height of the towering shall be mild climate in summer where exceeding maximum temperatures on most days 30 degrees Celsius, but rarely and 22-25 at night while in winter shall be cold to very cold and temperatures reach freezing and less in some periods of snow falling on the impact sometimes.

(From a scientific point higher above sea level, 150 meters detract degree Celsius) and one is calculated with high mountain Far Faisal difference almost 12.6 degrees Celsius in normal cases and increases and decreases the difference all by air currents, wind and depressions and elevations sometimes up the difference to 20 degrees by record them in some cold days.

 Another draw of this place is its temperature. The normal day temperature is around 30 degrees C. It goes even lower at night at 22-25 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, it can even reach freezing temperatures.

Jabel Jees has a spot for adventure lovers, too. Climbing and hiking are the favorite activities that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. This is due to dry and rugged terrain of the mountains.

Several construction sites can be found in Ras El Khaima’s upcoming tourist magnet. Business establishments are expected to rise such as restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels. Right now, tourists may enjoy prime hotels in Ras El Khaima before and after going to Jabel Jees. These hotels include Hilton Hotels, The Cove Rotana Hotel, Bin Majed Resort, and Rixos Bab El Bahr. These hotels offer more than just a place to stay in. Some of these hotels also offer resort activities for fun and relaxation especially if tourists are tired from all the hiking in Jabel Jees.

Since there are no business establishments yet, tourists are advised to bring everything that they may need before they go to Jabel Jees. Restrooms are the only amenities available. Those who are set to hike, climb, and do other physical activities in the mountain cluster should bring a sufficient supply of drinking water, juices and any all other requirements.


Jebel Al Jais - Ras al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates

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